Saturday, January 9, 2010

Greetings From Over Here

Today is our first day on the red planet of Mars. It was a very long trip out here. If you can believe it, with all of the time and planning that it took to get this mission set up we still managed to get lost on our way here, thus arriving a little late. This was no big deal, the crew that was here before, Crew 87, was very happy to see us. The crew commander, Mary Beth, the Chief Engineer, Grier, along with Josh Nelson and Jon Rask were very helpful with the crew handover. They showed us how to keep our Mars Habitat up and running. They even took us out to see ancient Martian dinosaur bones. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Mars had dinosaurs as well!!

We are now spending our first night together on the Martian soil. The night started with Bianca and Commander Steve rendezvousing with another transport in order to get much needed supplies (Bianca's luggage, foodstuffs, and MRE's ). Laksen, the crew engineer, and myself then went out to make the engineering rounds. These rounds consist of checking on all the systems that make up our living sanctuary and life support systems including generators, water supply, ATV's, and the Green Hab. All was going well until we decided to top-off the back up generator with gasoline. Lets just say very little gasoline ever made it into the generator, with the majority going elsewhere. Laksen looked at me as I was spilling the gas, I told him I thought I saw E.T. riding off with one of our ATV's; he did not seem to believe me, so we called it a night.

At last we had some free time when all the checks were done. I didn’t realize it while we were doing our rounds, but the Martian skies are filled with stars that do not seem to be visible from Earth. First Diego, Crew Biologist, and myself took a stroll on through the rocky, dimly lit terrain and found ourselves at the Musk Observatory. The Musk Telescope is currently out of commission, but on this night she was not missed. This planet is so remote, so dark at night, but when you look at the glow of the Milky way and all the other formations, constellations, and nebulae everything and everybody seems so close and interconnected. We did not use the telescope to stare off into the stars, and yet I saw further then I have ever never dreamed of. Cameras and video will not do the experience justice, I guess you just had to be here, ohh wait your back on Earth!

Until Next Time,
Astro Paul
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  1. Really enjoyed these recaps, keep them coming. I want to see a picture in spacesuits.
    Love MoM.

  2. Check out the new post "And One Small Step". Trust me it's a good one!

  3. Ok so you didn't get to utter the first words on MARS but your name will always be remebered.Stay warm and keep that generator running.
    Love MoM

  4. PS thanks for the picture in the spacesuit.

  5. I told you before and Ill tell you again, your the best mom Ive ever had. Thanks. I have loads of photos just for you.

  6. Does this mean you are taking over the cooking when you get home. My first thought when you talked about your toolbelt was McGyver. You may not remember but you did watch him on Grandpa's lap. Keep that generator running and don't wander too far. So what do you look at with the telescope when you're on Mars? I think Commander Steve knows more than he tells you. Stay warm and safe. Love you

  7. Hello,
    Well I just sat thru two days of leadership and shared your blog. Sehoon and Chris want to know how they can sign up. Is anyone else posting comments and if so why can't I see them? Dad tried but he didn't know he actually had to sign up to do it. Yes, it's true I may have never made you apple pie but I did make corn muffins. Miss you

  8. dear paul this is grandma and grandpa we love looking at the pictures of your trip to mars, we love and miss you and are happy you are really enjoying you adventure. please stay safej and e we aare waiting for your retrn. god bless you and all your partners there, stay safe, and pray that evertthing works out for all of you. grandpa and i love you very much. we are at aunt maries house and a uncle gerard they send their love.

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  10. Grandma and Grandpa, thank you and the rest of the family for your continued support. Without you guys none of this would be possible. Love you.